The Golden Dragonfly

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Customer Testimonials

Reiki with Kathryn is the most relaxing experience I can imagine.
I felt like I was in the arms of a Divine angel. It is not easy for me to
relax and turn off my mind but surprisingly in the care of Kathryn I
quickly drifted into a state of bliss. I forgot my problems, my pain went
away and my joy returned. Kathryn has a way of making me feel special and
honored. Thank you Kathryn! I look forward to my next session with you.
<3 Tara Alder

- Tara Alder, Alder Brooke Healing Arts


I first met Kathryn five years ago as a business colleague.   Since then, I have had the privilege of knowing her as a Mother and Family-Woman. What impresses me most about her is . . . her devotion to the healing arts, open heart and genuine kindness. She, along with her family live a holistic lifestyle every day. When she first told me that she was going to be a Reiki practitioner I knew that Kathryn had finally found her calling.   Knowledge, love and wisdom are her greatest tools, and she makes sure that they are ever present during each session. Myself and my five year old son see her at least once a month to keep our mind, body & spirit in harmony. I always feel “at home” in her presence and safe during our sessions. Wheather I am trying to align my Chakras’ or mend a pinched nerve, The Golden Dragonfly is where I turn to first.

Jennifer Zamprelli, Nail Goddess on the GO!